Monday, September 06, 2010

Erti Ramadan, Murtad & Keindahan Islam

The title is in malay but i am much comfortable typing out in English with bits of malay and other language - aka ROJAK. We are Singaporeans after all and I am not pretending to be well educated anyway (possibly well breed) :P

Back to serious matters.


It was definitely a time for self reflection and there are many thoughts playing in my mind during month of Ramadan.

One of them is definitely death. As much as i love life, i have to bow to the Allah SWT, promise that death is true. It is real. I always think that this is a good time to go perhaps not now but i hope He who knows all, will know what i really want in life before i go.

It is the month where patience is a virtue. It is definitely being emphasized and demand by the Almighty.
It is a month of prayer, a month of alms, a month of fast.

There are some who actually continue the fasting after ramadan. There is the twice a week - Mon & Thu, or in syawal 6 days of fast after the ramadan.

There are more fasting days in other months - i give you the pleasure of finding out when they are. :)

Other thoughts - of self improvement, re-emphasizing the duties of a muslim, the re-look at the way we put up our prayer, the way we read the Quran is also part of reflection.

considering that Ramadan is also nearing towards the end of the year (close lah but not that close) it is a way, is in preparation for "Hijrah". because after ramadan you will come across Haj...the greater festival and one of the tenets of Islam.

Hence if one takes the fasting month seriously, chances of his habits going off and remain thru out till Haj is high, and in turn, provides a way to Hijrah - our New Year or perhap a new US! :)


I am sure most of you are familiar with this term.
Murtad means not to be part of something and it is heavily used in Islam - therefore it simply means to get out of Islam.

I am sure most of you wonder why i even want to touch on this topic. Reason is simple.

This afternoon, there is this friend who was a born Muslim but decides to embrace a different religion. He is of course now is a Murtad.

The thing with me is, i can accept anyone and i dont care what is your personality is like. But if i dont like i will keep quiet until you irritate me to the core. Confirm i zap you (quoting Azim) once i burst.

This friend of mine has been pestering me about his so-called new found faith gaining so called the heathens (am i?). a light in a dark tunnel or a beacon of hope. I am ok, for someone who has not even bother to practise his own born religion can easily attest to another.

To make a long story short, i snapped.

here is my actual dialogue with him on the phone:

Me: you know what, i think i have to say something now.

Friend: Oh is it about what i been telling you

Me: In a way yes.

Friend: go on.

Me: In a way i have never put you down to whatever situation you have put me in. I am one of those person who wont let stupidity spoil a friendship, I am one of those who will neither say yes or no to you depending on situation. However, i think this should end now.
I feel that i am already blessed, to be given life everyday, that every single good deed of mine being recorded on the right and all my bad deeds of mine on the left, is a constant reminder that i m being watched. The way to the heavens do not lie with 1 person to bear the entire congregration but is made responsible by each and every one of us. We abide by the rules, we get to enter, we dont, we stay out and go to the Fire.

There are many ways to avoid it and we have been advised, reminded, told to practise what is foretold and imposed to us by Allah SWT. He expect each servant to succeed in life and to strive for all types of goodness. SO MUCH MERCY COMES FROM HIM AND YET WE REMAIN STUBBORN?

For someone who was a born muslim, you never bothered to find out the true meaning of your religion, you spent hours trying to prove that all this is false but what is your intention? You want freedom? being able to do what you want? sleep with every single woman without restrictions imposed? eat whatever you like and drink what is forbidden of you?

The Quran has many answers to life; only those without ill intention will be able to reconcile and makes sense of what is being told.

Such is the long windedness of my speech (i shorten it) to him. he was definitely stunned and was kept silence.

I am tired now and will continue with the beauty of Islam tomorrow. :)

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